Corporate Philosophy

Three things are important to us at Coo.
The first is responding sensitively to changes in the wider world,
including technology, services and content.
The second is responding flexibly to new media and new ways of thinking. The third is producing and delivering to users entertainment content that is a whole lot of fun.

Video-related services and entertainment content change at a blistering pace, day by day.
User needs are constantly evolving too. What do people want to see today? What surprises are they looking for?
At Coo, we aim to meet those ever-emerging needs with a multifaceted approach that transcends genres and media.

Overview of the Company

COO Inc.

Established August 2000

Corporate representative : Shinichi Kawai

Principal operations

  • Coo plans and produces a wide range of video content, including TV and online broadcasts, music videos, corporate video packages and virtual reality.
  • Production of product advertisements
  • Design and management of systems mainly related to video production
  • Artist management